FDA Warns Against Dietary Supplements with Too Much Caffeine

Caffeine Supplements / Image: Bulk Supplements
Caffeine Supplements / Image: Bulk Supplements

An April 13th FDA News Release article warned consumers of the dangers associated with excessive caffeine intake, which has been linked to at least two deaths. According to the press release, a single teaspoon of pure powdered caffeine is equal to 28 cups of coffee. When dietary supplements containing caffeine are sold in bulk, consumers responsible for accurately measuring doses leading to increased risk of overdose.

Apparently some of these pure or highly concentrated caffeine products resemble ordinary household items like water, distilled vinegar, or powdered sugar. Accidental ingestion could lead to erratic heartbeat, seizures, or even death. The FDA is advising the public to avoid these products sold in bulk and to pay extra attention to dose information on the packaging.

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