China Creates Swarming Nanorobots to Assist Surgeons

A team of researchers in Hong Kong developed a surgical method inspired by flocks of birds and schools of fish.

Swarming Nanobots / Image: Human Paragon
Swarming Nanobots / Image: Human Paragon

As technology continues to get smaller, nanorobots continue to become more nimble and able to complete increasingly complex tasks. A recent CNET article noted a new development from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in which surgeons use magnetic fields to control swarming nanorobots. The nanorobots consist of millions of magnetic nanoparticles that can change their form depending on their environment. They can extend, shrink, split, and merge as they swarm, much like a flock of birds.

This unique approach to treatment enables the nanobots to navigate extremely tight spaces inside the human body for targeted drug delivery, cancer therapies, and eye surgeries.

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