Tooth Sensors Track What You Eat

Tufts engineers have developed a sensor that when mounted on a tooth can monitor glucose, salt, and alcohol intake.

Tooth Sensor / Image: Tufts
Tooth Sensor / Image: Tufts

Tracking dietary intake in real time can provide valuable information relative to health, but gathering this data can be difficult. According to a recent Tufts Now article, engineers at Tufts University School of Engineering are making it easier with a new sensor that gets mounted directly on a tooth. The sensor communicates wirelessly with a mobile device to collect information on the intake of glucose, salt, and alcohol.

Previous attempts to monitor dietary intake included the use of a mouth guard, wiring, or replacing disposable sensors. The Tufts sensor measures just 2mm x 2mm and is flexible, making it easier to bond to the irregular surface of a tooth. The sensor works by absorbing nutrients or chemicals and transmitting waves in the radiofrequency spectrum to a smartphone.

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