All-In-One Glucometer Kit Uses Bluetooth Technology to Track Patient Data

Designers believe the device will make managing diabetes easier

A diabetic entrepreneur is hoping he can help change the way other diabetics manage their care with The SugarCube.

The SugarCube is an all-in-one Bluetooth-enabled glucometer kit and insulin-delivery device that works with a mobile app to track, store, and share health information.

The device communicates directly with The SugarCube app, and stores the data on a HIPPA compliant cloud platform, which can be shared with doctors or family members.

The kit has built-in storage space for custom test strips and lancets, universal needles and supports insulin injections, along with a glucometer that provides blood glucose readings.

The company recently announced a crowdfunding campaign to help fund their project. The app is currently available on iTunes Connect for beta testing, and is set to debut for iOS in March 2016, and May 2016 for Android. The SugarCube device is not available for pre-ordering, and is expected to hit shelves December 2016, according to a company press release.

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