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DEMAUREX SA: Sidebot for High-speed Collaborative Automation

Wyzo works safely side-by-side with humans without protective barriers or performance compromises.

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Wyzo–reported to be the world’s first high-speed pick-and-place sidebot–is now available for companies making their first steps into automation, as well as for large manufacturers looking for versatility. Compact and agile, Wyzo works safely side-by-side with humans without protective barriers or performance compromises. This new approach to collaborative production is ideal for lightweight applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food & beverage, consumer goods, automotive, electrical, and electronics sectors.

“Creating Wyzo started with a dream to give every operator out there an assistant for day-to-day tasks on the production floor. Building on 20 years of experience in high-speed Delta robots, we are proud to present Wyzo – the fast, compact and flexible sidebot,“ says Frank Souyris, chief executive officer at Wyzo.

Fast and safe  

While traditional pick-and-place robots are large and work on fully automated lines separated from operators by protective doors, Wyzo’s advanced safety system allows it to collaborate with humans in close proximity. Thanks to the high-tech robotic arm and built-in or external vision systems, the sidebot finds and picks products at 80 cycles per minute, with a payload of half a kilogram. Through its advanced sensor technology, Wyzo constantly monitors its surroundings for the presence of human activity, allowing it to maximize performance when on its own and also to slow to a safe operating speed when a human is in close proximity. As a result, manufacturers can now enjoy the performance of an industrial robot combined with the versatility and compact size of a cobot. Food packaging application of the Wyzo Sidebot.Food packaging application of the Wyzo Sidebot.

Unique gearless actuators from Genesis Robots

The Wyzo integrates the LiveDrive® actuator from Genesis Robotics & Motion Technologies into its innovative Sidebot. Genesis unveiled its new LiveDrive® LDD 1800 Series Direct Drive Actuator, with an extensive range of configurations and performance options. LiveDrive direct-drive actuators eliminate the need for gearing and are redefining the next generation of parallel robots and precision machinery, unlocking capabilities beyond the reach of conventional drivetrains, across many applications.

According to Genesis, LiveDrive LDD actuators redefine the standard of simplicity, cleanliness, and productivity for high-throughput machines. LiveDrive is a high-torque, compact, direct-drive solution designed for robots and machines in the food, packaging, pharmaceuticals, and electronics industries. LiveDrive reduces maintenance requirements while increasing uptime and reliability. And with no need for gears, belts, or lubrication, LiveDrive actuators simplify the drivetrain, delivering increased performance and lower total cost of ownership.

“We are thrilled to launch this leading-edge actuation technology, making it available to manufacturers and system integrators globally,” said Chris Di Lello, CEO of Genesis Robotics & Motion Technologies. “A simpler drivetrain empowers a better robot: faster to assemble and easier to maintain. This creates value for our customers and end users and represents a true breakthrough for the robotics and automation industries.”

Read article   For more about the Genesis LiveDrive LDD actuators, plus a video featuring the product launch and a report from Wyzo CEO Frank Souyris on how his new sidebot incorporates LiveDrive from Genesis, click here

All around flexibility 

To meet a wide variety of production needs, Wyzo is designed to fit anywhere on the production floor. At less than 0.5 m2 and just 1.80 meters in height, the sidebot fits through standard doors and elevators, offering unprecedented flexibility with a small footprint. It can easily be moved from one workstation to another, eliminating bottlenecks and enabling fast ROI.  

For manufacturers switching between products, Wyzo is highly compatible with all regular grippers on the market with changeover speeds of less than nine seconds. To meet ever-changing production demands, it also offers integrated pneumatic, electric and vacuum controls. 

All about operators 

Wyzo’s Human Machine Interface (HMI) is simplified for intuitive use by operators with no prior training in automated solutions. Its mobile terminal is as easy to operate as a smartphone and requires neither script nor programming to get Wyzo up and running. Based on more than 30 years of software development for Delta robots, Wyzo’s state-of-the-art pick-and-place software has been specially refined for ease of use and control. 

“It is not a mere machine. Wyzo is a co-worker, who is easy to communicate with through a simple interface. Maybe the next generation will even have a conversation with its colleagues,” adds Souyris. “Regardless of its conversational skills, however, its ability to be effectively integrated into existing production lines to perform pick-and-place tasks flexibly and reliably will certainly put a smile on manufacturers’ faces. It is a new benchmark for collaborative production that combines the best of human and machine abilities. We could not be more excited to present Wyzo to our customers.”

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