Laetus: Mobile manual packing station

IM-400 fits into existing infrastructure, is height-adjustable, and can connect to label printing equipment.

Laetus IM-400
Laetus IM-400

Even on high-tech packaging lines, some packaging steps need to be carried out manually. This is especially true in the warehouse, where customer orders may not necessary match previously aggregated products. If the manual packing station of the warehouse is connected to a track-and-trace system, authentication of each individual sales-ready unit has to be adapted analogously to the current aggregation step. The same requirements for traceability of the individual products used earlier in the packing process also apply to picking in wholesale trade. There, pallets are disaggregated and assembled into new shipping units at the carton or bundle level. Here, too, each individual product must be traceable either through serialization or electronic pedigree.

For any challenge in manual aggregation, the IM-400 mobile manual packing station from Laetus is a variable solution with full functional scope. As a stand-alone solution, it can be used offline in the packing process at any point where a manual packing station is needed. Simple integration into existing track-and-trace software or into a materials management system emphasise the IM-400’s aptitude as a user-friendly aggregation module.

The IM-400 fits flexibly into the existing infrastructure. It is height-adjustable and can be connected to any customary label printer. Data can be read in two ways: through the copy scanner, which can capture multiple codes simultaneously, or with the hand scanner, which reads codes directly from the carton or through the bundling film. A matching shipping order is generated from the read data. The input area of the scanning field corresponds to the DIN A3 format. If additional space is needed, the surrounding area can easily be expanded.


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