SUR-SIZE Sheeter TS-54

AZCO Corp. introduces the SUR-SIZE Sheeter TS-54. This compact sheeter is ideal for film, foil, paper, nonwoven, corrugated, rubber or other flexible material. Installation is a breeze and setup is done in just a few easy steps. Use of this economical sheeter can reduce material and labor costs.

Hp 20173 Ts 54

The TS-54 is simple to use. Material is placed onto the unwind support, from where it is threaded through roll feeders and fed to the traveling knife assembly. Cut length and quantity is entered from a color touch screen, and the unit automatically feeds out and cuts to the predetermined length and number. A take-away conveyor is provided for manual stacking, or an optional stacker module can be implemented in place of the conveyor. This unit is easy to hook up and requires only 110 V AC and 80 psi compressed air.

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