Liviri Bio Containers Are Designed for Cold-chain Shipping

Offer Dependability and Sustainability

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Liviri Bio

Shipping temperature-sensitive healthcare products and specimens demands durability and reliability from a shipping vessel. To address the growing need for a dependable and sustainable shipping container for biologics, Liviri created its newest innovation in cold-chain shippers: Bio.

Liviri Bio reusable shipping containers transport everything from specimens to pharmaceuticals. These durable containers feature a thin-wall, vacuum insulated design that minimizes overall footprint to maximize savings, reliability, and thermal performance. Liviri Bio containers provide 24 to 100 hr of temperature assurance and significant cost savings compared to industry standard single- and multi-use shippers.

Liviri Bio shipping containers are available in two compact sizes. Liviri Bio 2.3 has an internal dimension of 2.3 liters and provides more than double the thermal performance of single-use expanded polystyrene (EPS) shippers. It can accommodate up to eight 20-well trays or four 50-well trays. Liviri Bio 4.7, with internal dimensions of 4.7 liters, outperforms single-use EPS shippers. These reusable shipping containers are rated for up to 100 shipments, saving money and reducing waste.

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