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Schreiner MediPharm

Blauvelt, NY 10913

Company Overview

Schreiner MediPharm develops and produces customer-specific, intelligent labeling solutions with value-added functions that simplify the dispensing and administering of pharmaceuticals to enhance safety and reduce process costs.

Specialty labels and self-adhesive marking

Premier Suppliers
Years in business:70
Geographic sales distribution:North America
300 Corporate Drive
Suite 10
Blauvelt, NY 10913

Reliable End-to-end RFID Functionality

Robust RFID-Label features an integrated RFID tag secured via the label’s special construction, avoiding damage to RFID chips due, for example, to mechanical impact during manufacturing or handling. This assures RFID chip performance from production to final use – especially on round containers with narrow radii.


Tamper-evident Security for Luer-lock Syringes

Cap-Lock is a combination of cap adapter and label that firmly seals prefilled syringes for reliable first opening indication. The specially constructed plastic cap adapter is positioned atop a syringe’s primary closure to equalize any difference in diameter between syringe body and closure. A label with integrated perforation for tamper evidence wraps around the syringe body and bottom part of the cap adapter.

Needle-Trap Safety Device

Needle-Trap features a safety mechanism incorporated into a self-adhesive syringe label – allowing needles to be safely secured after use. The cost-efficient solution suits existing dispensing systems and uses standard secondary packaging. Detachable label parts, graduation and counterfeit protection features also can be integrated.

Label & Cap Concept for First Opening Indication 

Flex-Cap Prime is a label-cap combination that helps prevent the illegal reuse of original drug containers through clear, irreversible first-opening indication. The solution’s complex construction includes a tear strip through both film cap and label that, when opened at the starter tab, simultaneously destroys both cap and label, rendering undetected container reuse nearly impossible.

Covert-Hologram Seal for Tamper Protection

Covert-Hologram Seal offers reliable tamper evidence, plus counterfeiting protection. The solution presents as a transparent, inconspicuous packaging seal. But when opened, a hologram emerges showing inscriptions and design elements in various colors. The  holographic effect is irreversible, so the seal’s fully transparent original condition cannot be restored.

Multi-functional Features for Autoinjector-Labels

Schreiner MediPharm offers customizable features for its Autoinjector-Labels, including irreversible first-opening indication with anti-recapping functionality. An integrated NFC chip offers interactive user support and clear digital indication of label opening.

Smart Blister Enhances Medication Adherence

Schreiner MediPharm has developed a smart blister pack to enhance medication adherence by clinical trial participants. When patients push tablets from the pack, real-time data such as medication type, extraction time and specific cavity is stored and transmitted to a  database via smartphone app or reader.

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Key Contact
Gene Dul
President, Schreiner MediPharm U.S.