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Company Overview

Schreiner MediPharm develops and produces customer-specific, intelligent labeling solutions with value-added functions that simplify the dispensing and administering of pharmaceuticals to enhance safety and reduce process costs.

Specialty labels and self-adhesive marking

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Label & Cap Combination for First Opening Indication and Product Protection
Flexi-Cap Protect is a label-and-cap combination that, in addition to irreversible first opening indication, protects bottles or vials from top to bottom against glass breakage and surface contamination. The solution can be outfitted with a foam layer for added protection against lateral impact. Flexi-Cap Protect is applied without heat, so that the medicine’spropertiesarenotimpaired.

New Features for Autoinjector-Labels
Schreiner MediPharm has introduced new features for its Autoinjector-Labels. The customizable solutions can now incorporate an irreversible first-opening indicator with an anti-recapping functionality, as well as integrated dust protection for particularly challenging applications. The label wraps around the autoinjector, including the cap, providing effective dust and dirt protection before the device is initially opened. An integrated perforation clearly indicates that the label has been opened, preventing undetected recapping for illegal reuse.

Needle-Trap Safety Device
Designed to help prevent needlestick injuries, Needle-Trap features an integrated safety mechanism as part of the self-adhesive syringe label – allowing the needle to be safely and easily secured after use. The cost-efficient solution can be processed on existing dispensing systems and uses standard secondary packaging. Detachable label parts, graduation and counterfeit-protection features also can be integrated.

First-Opening Indication for Syringes
Comprising a label-integrated perforated tab extending onto a syringe cap, Pharma-Multi-Act combines reliable, irreversible tamper protection with additional security and indicator functionalities. Upon opening the cap with a flick of the wrist, the label’s first-opening indication is triggered along the perforation. The label and container open simultaneously, without an extra step (or hand) for seal removal. The solution also incorporates a readily accessible, detachable documentation label.

Security Booklet-Label with Digital Features
Combining several digital security features with an integrated first-opening seal, the Security Booklet-Label’s bottom layer contains a tab serving as a closure seal for tampering protection. Upon opening, a void effect serves as irreversible first-opening indication. Applied to a medicine carton, the Booklet-Label allows a pharmacist to view product information without opening the pack.

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