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Antares Vision is the Worldwide leading supplier of inspection and serialization systems for the pharmaceutical industry.

Inspection, Track and Track and Smart Data Management

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Antares Vision offers the most comprehensive and scalable global solution in inspection systems, track and trace and smart data management, leading the complete process of protecting the products throughout their life cycle and developing hardware and software solutions for the most demanding industrial sectors.

Antares Vision is present in over 60 countries in the world and can count on six foreign branches (USA, Germany, France, Brazil, South Korea and India) and an Innovation Center in Ireland. With 20 years of experience in vision technologies, Antares Vision is the supplier of nine of the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical companies: more than 25,000 inspection systems ensure every day the safety and the quality of the production processes, while over 2,000 serialization lines installed in industrial plants all over the world guarantee the tracking in the whole supply chain of more than 5 billion products.


The wide Antares Vision range includes systems and machines for automated visual inspection of products to verify 100% integrity of the product itself and of the packaging, to control labeling and the application of seals or other safety systems during the different production phases. The Antares Vision inspection machines stand out in the market for their manufacturing excellence: quality is guaranteed by components, by architecture solutions and by compliance with the highest standards.

Track and Trace

Antares Vision is unique in its ability to guarantee a fully integrated, validated and complete serialization program in a short timeframe. The Antares Vision’s track and trace solution covers from Level 1 (devices), to Level 2 (line supervision), Level 3 (site management) and Level 4 (company interconnection), communication with Level 5 (authorities and national hubs). This allows the company to offer its customers a complete, flexible and turnkey solutions.

Smart Data Management

Beyond serialization, Antares Vision opens new routes for data analysis to improve efficiency and productivity. Leveraging on serialization investments, Antares Vision develops innovative ways to collect and process data to generate added value: from monitoring plant performances in real time to improving efficiency in production, as well as augmented marketing applications to reach the end consumer.

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