Does the FDA's Recruitment Problem Put the Public at Risk?

As the agency's responsibilities grow, their staffing is not.

A recent International Business Times article took a look at a growing problem inside the FDA – their ability to recruit more scientists and doctors.

The problem, some say, is created because the government agency cannot compete with private companies who can afford to pay more.

But, the question experts are asking is, will recruitment problems limit the capabilities of the agency and impact public health?

Some say, yes.

“Our health, our well-being and our safety is at risk because they don't necessarily have the right people or enough of the right people,” Tim McMcManus, Vice President at the nonprofit Partnership for Public Service, told the news outlet.

Aside from the money aspect, according to the article, it can take a lot longer to for the agency to hire someone as compared to in the private sector.

“The best people are the people who are getting other job offers,” explained Dr. Jesse Goodman, an infectious disease expert at Georgetown University Medical Center and the FDA’s former chief scientist. “If it takes a federal agency much longer to hire someone than the private sector or an academic health center, you're in a very difficult position.”

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