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E-Commerce Companies Explore Reusable and Refillable Container Solutions

Reusable and refillable container solutions have grown in popularity among e-commerce brands. Packaging World's Matt Reynolds and U.K. sustainable packaging expert Paul Jenkins of ThePackHub discuss the packaging varieties used in this trend.

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Matt Reynolds: Hello, welcome to today's webinar. I'm Matt Reynolds, editor of Packaging World Magazine, and I'm here with Paul Jenkins, Managing Director of ThePackHub. We would be remiss not to mention this massive trend that's going on which is kind of on the outskirts of this, again it's not the center of the bullseye for e-commerce because there are other methods. You can do this in retail environments for instance. But there's this huge trend right now that's for durable reusable dispensers or durable reusable rigid containers that you're meant to keep in your bathroom or in your kitchen for you know, for even years. And then you would continually refill or restock or be, in this case it's an aluminum, recyclable aluminum rigid container. That refill container could also, and in many cases is, is a pouch. This could be a recyclable pouch or an all PE, PE laminate pouch. There's some advancements lately; one a company called ZACROS is working with Pantene, P&G's Pantene brand out of Japan. And they have created a PE, sealant layer, PE pouch for these refill systems where the sealant layer itself actually provides the barrier. So there's no need for an extra barrier layer that would then make the construction a multi layer material that wouldn't be able to be recycled. So just wanted to make sure that we were at least mentioning this phenomenon. It's definitely e-commerce related because these pouches or these rigid containers can be, these refill containers can be sent via the e-com or D to C channels. So that kind of puts a bow on everything that we wanted to talk about today.

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