DoKaSch: Expanded Opticooler Containers

Fifty new RAP active containers are now available globally, with more units expected as part of company expansion.

DoKaSch Temperature Solutions GmbH is expanding its fleet of Opticoolers with 50 new RAP-containers.

The Opticooler provides reliable transport conditions for shipments across continents and climate zones, or during unexpected events, for goods that must be kept within a strict temperature range. These shipments mainly include pharmaceuticals such as insulin, vaccines and other bio-pharmaceuticals, but also high-tech equipment.

Equipped with battery-powered cooling compressors and heaters as well as a self-regulating temperature control, the internal temperatures consistently stay well within range at any point in the storage area. Temperatures between 2° - 8°C or 15° - 25°C can be maintained regardless of the ambient temperatures, that may vary between -30°C during a Canadian winter or +50°C during a middle-eastern summer.

The flying “smart warehouse” only needs one electrical outlet to fully charge the energy storage after a flight and to ensure that enough power is available to deal with unexpected events. A full charge, from 50% to 100%, can be achieved within approximately two hours.

Opticooler was originally developed for Lufthansa in 2004. Since 2014 the containers are available at many other airlines as well.

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