Alpesa: 100% Recycled Paperboard Pallets

Newly introduced pallets are lightweight and recyclable, offering reduced costs and carbon footprint impact.

Alpesa, a Spain-based manufacturer of paperboard cores and tubes, introduces Úpalet® to the American market. Úpalet pallets are made of 100% recycled paperboard is itself recyclable and weighs 1/10th of traditional pallets made of wood or plastic.

Alpesa produces Úpalet by using a patented manufacturing system consisting of concentric tubes, inserted and firmly anchored to the pallet platform.

Úpalet can be customized with graphic arts, or by size, carrying weights of up to 6,000 kilograms (13,000 lb), facilitating better filling rates for trucks and containers. The pallet is especially suitable for cross-docking merchandise directly to local stores and facilities, air freight shipments, delivery of fruits and vegetables (with no need for fumigation and certification) and the pharmaceutical industry.

No additional documentation required for export. It is made in accordance with international standards, such as the EU Packaging Waste Law 11/1997, and is ISPM 15-compliant (no fumigation needed).

It can be stacked in an interlaced way, reducing and optimizing warehouse storage.

Úpalet is also accessible from all four sides, making it easy for operators along the supply chain. Another benefit is that with no nails, staples, or splinters, the lightweight pallets reduce the risk for injury.


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