DuPont: Cargo Covers

Tyvek cargo covers protect pharmaceuticals from high temperatures and airborne contamination.

DuPont’s Tyvek® cargo covers significantly reduce the risk of high temperatures and provide a high level of passive thermal protection from solar radiation during external handling procedures.

Manufactured in India, the Tyvek-branded cargo covers offer lightweight, reliable protection for temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical goods. The special reflective properties of Tyvek keep shipments naturally cooler than other covers on the market, according to the vendor.

In addition to being used directly over standard pallets for controlled room temperature (CRT) drugs, Tyvek covers can be used to provide secondary thermal protection for merchandise in heat-insulated passive containers and for cloaking the outside of rigid ULD containers to prevent unnecessary heat buildup during exposures to direct sunshine.

Strong and tear-resistant, Tyvek covers give excellent protection from tampering, precipitation, airborne contamination, and debris. They also help prevent cold-sensitive merchandise from freezing in sub-zero temperatures, a scenario that can compromise product safety and quality.

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