InkJet, Inc. Introduces CIJ Printing Nozzles Incentive Program for International Distributors

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InkJet, Inc., has recently launched an incentive program to reward international distributors that purchase InkJet, Inc. inks for resale. This program is applicable to discounted Continuous InkJet (CIJ) printing nozzles for distributors outside of the United States that purchase ink from InkJet, Inc.

InkJet, Inc.’s new international incentive program is an expansion of its U.S. distributor program. The company works with over 100 distributors globally and is welcoming new, qualified distributors based on their reputation, experience, product and service offering, and ability to support a territory or region.

InkJet, Inc. distributors are not required to participate in this incentive program, however, the company will reward international distributors who choose to participate based on their sales volume. InkJet, Inc. has established Platinum, Gold and Silver Nozzle Rewards Program. Terms and conditions apply.

InkJet, Inc. CIJ printing nozzles are built to meet the demands of today’s coding and marking industry and are backed by the company’s no-cost replacement warranty. InkJet, Inc. manufactures these nozzles at its facility in Texas, in a clean room in small batch quantities and in accordance with tight quality control standards. InkJet, Inc. subjects each nozzle to a three-stage testing process before releasing it for sale.

“Developing and nurturing a comprehensive network of distributors is a strategy that InkJet, Inc. is implementing to accelerate the growth of our company and demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction. Distributors play a big role for us around the world. This new incentive program shows our distributors how much we value and appreciate our relationship with them, as they extend our ability to reach end users. We are especially looking forward to extending this incentive to our key distributors in Mexico, Central America and South America,” explained Osama Khokhar, global channel manager for InkJet, Inc.

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