Agile Therapeutics announces three new U.S. patents on its technology and the brand name Twirla(TM) for its first contraceptive patch

Agile Therapeutics today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued three new patents with claims related to its contraceptive patch technology.

The three new patents add to the company's existing portfolio and extend protection of the company's proprietary transdermal technology through at least 2028. Agile has also received a notice of allowance from the USPTO for the trademark Twirla(TM), and conditional acceptance from the FDA to use the proprietary name "Twirla" for its AG200-15 contraceptive patch, pending final agency review prior to NDA approval.

"We are thrilled that the USPTO issued these additional patents -- it underscores the proprietary nature of our transdermal technology and enhances the value of our intellectual property estate," said Al Altomari, President and CEO of Agile Therapeutics. "We are continuing to develop our patent portfolio in key markets around the world and the expansion in the U.S. is a great step forward."

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