Burgopak Child Resistant Slider Pack now a Multi Award-winning Design

The Burgopak Child Resistant (CR) Slider pack is now a multi-award winning design.

Since winning the 'Most Innovative Child Resistant Packaging Design' at Pharmapack Paris 2012 the pack has been awarded the HCPC USA award for 'Innovative Design'.

The HCPC USA judges agreed on the innovative, novel design of the Burgopak CR pack. They rated the design on its ability to increase pharmaceutical compliance, level of innovative design, unique packaging features and user friendliness. One judge commented that he is "anxious see what impact this unique configuration can have on patient adherence.”

The Burgopak CR Slider pack incorporates the engaging operating system of the original Burgopak design, while also including senior friendly features. To open the Burgopak CR Slider pack the patient has to push two buttons, one on either side of the pack while simultaneously pulling the end tab. The pack opens to reveal the blister, held in a plastic tray on one side and the patient information in an easy to read booklet format on the other. Once the patient has accessed the medication they simply push the end tab back into the pack and it reengages the CR lock. As the pack itself is CR, there is no additional requirement for tougher CR blister foils, making the pack easier to use for both seniors and those with reduced dexterity. Calendar blister formats can also be used to further assist adherence.

The Burgopak CR Slider pack successfully achieved the U.S. Consumer Product and Safety Commission's F=1 for child resistance and senior friendly effectiveness. The pack encourages compliance by keeping the blister, patient information and outer carton connected at all times, it also keeps the pack compact and portable.

Commenting on the double award wins, Tim Clarke, CEO of Burgopak, said: “Innovation is key to our success. Just winning one award is a great accolade, but for the design to be recognised by two independent judging panels is a great accomplishment for the company”.

Burgopak Healthcare & Technology will be exhibiting at the inaugural Pharmapack North America exhibition in Philadelphia on the 22nd-23rd May 2012, booth number 922. For any pharmaceutical and healthcare companies interested in meeting at the show, or just to receive a sample of the packaging design, please get in contact with Tim Bollans at Burgopak on +44 (0) 207 089 1985.

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