Drug delivery innovations for better treatments presented by Catalent expert at 2nd Lyophilization Americas Conference

Deepak Bahl, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Modified Release Technologies at Catalent Pharma Solutions, will present "Drug Delivery Innovations for Better Treatments: Zydis Fast Dissolve Technology" at the 2nd Lyophilization Americas Conference on March 6-8, 2012 in Boston, MA.

Dr. Bahl's presentation will cover such areas as:

· An overview of Zydis® fast-dissolve technology, which is a unique, freeze-dried oral solid dosage form that disperses instantly in the mouth without the need for water.
· The Zydis® manufacturing process.
· Case studies showing oral bioavailability enhancement including buccal delivery and nanoparticulate stabilization using Zydis® technology, resulting in improved product profiles and better treatments.

The focus of this conference is on successful formulation strategies, optimizing technologies and techniques for stability, cycle development, regulatory compliance, validation and scale-up using Lyophilization.
Deepak Bahl holds his doctorate in Pharmaceutics from the University of Connecticut and later on worked as a research specialist in Michael Pikal's laboratory. He also holds a Masters in Pharmacy (M. Pharm) from the University of Delhi, India. His research interests include fast dissolve oral solid dosage forms, freeze drying, solubility enhancement of poorly soluble drugs using hot melt extrusion, nanoparticulate dosage forms and stabilization of amorphous API's. In his current position at Catalent, he is responsible for formulation research and development, scale-up and process transfer of small molecules and peptides based dosage forms including Zydis® orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs), nanoparticulate drug delivery and modified/controlled release dosage forms by applying functional coatings on Vegicaps® capsules. He has over 9 years of experience in developing oral solid dosage forms and has held various positions in the past at Merck and Co., Ranbaxy Research Laboratories and Stanfar Pharma.

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