Diversified Plastics Simplifies Production Outsourcing for OEMs

Diversified Plastics, Inc. simplifies the outsourcing of plastic injection molded parts for their customers by providing a complete production package.

"We design and build the mold, injection mold the parts, assemble, package and ship," says Joni Davis, sales engineer at Diversified Plastics. "Additionally, we will buy the hardware, the labels or whatever secondary components that are necessary to fulfill a complete job-all with just one purchase order from the customer."

Although original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) may have the internal resources to produce their own parts, increasingly they are looking to outsource components and subassemblies to save costs and keep internal production efforts focused on their core business. Routinely, OEMs may use several different vendors to produce a finished plastic part. They will work with one vendor to create a mold, a different vendor for injection molding the part and then other vendors to perform any necessary finish work. This segmented process requires the OEM to quote multiple vendors for each stage of production, produce multiple purchase orders and to establish internal processes to manage the vended projects.

"Using a different vendor at each stage of manufacturing increases production time, adds costs and introduces opportunity for error," said Davis. "The value proposition of our one-stop service can save customers time and money and ensure quality control by providing them a single source for their projects-all under one roof. Also, performing all operations for the complete job allows our pricing to be more competitive, which ultimately benefits the customer."

Diversified Plastics specializes in injection molding of high-precision, close tolerance, small-to medium-sized plastic components for the medical device, filtration, aerospace, and other industrial markets. They have always offered secondary or value-added services and new processes are usually the result of a customer request. Building a clean room, adding a white room and doing completed assemblies were all the result of customers expressing a need for additional services. New services are typically expanded and offered to all customers.

Diversified Plastics continues to offer new services based on customer demand. "We are constantly adding to our secondary operations with new processes and equipment," says Davis. "For example, we're looking into adding a sterilization process for our medical device customers, which will be a logical extension of our cleanroom assembly and packaging operations."
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