Albert W. Ondis; Founder and Recently Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Astro-Med, Inc. Passes

It is with the deepest of sadness that we announce the passing of Albert W. Ondis, 85, today, July 1, 2011, founder and former CEO and Chairman of the Board of Astro-Med, Inc.

He died peacefully surrounded by his family.

Without question he was a brilliant entrepreneur, having founded several successful companies in addition to Astro-Med, Inc. His legacy will be carried on by the many loyal employees and friends that he generously taught over the years through example and by virtue of his dynamic spirit.

Mr. Ondis was a human being without equal, a strong, selfless and caring leader. He was fully devoted to his business and his family and will always be remembered for his hard work, intelligence, vision, dedication, honesty and fairness. He'll also be remembered for his successes as a businessman. He touched many lives in so many positive ways. He will forever be missed.
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