Ampac Launches New Brand and New Website

Ampac announces the launch of a new company brand mark and website highlighting the company's expertise and reputation for bringing new, innovative packaging solutions to customers.

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Ampac is a total solutions provider, bringing innovation to flexible, retail and security packaging, with a proven ability to build business for our customers.

Over a decade ago, Ampac recognized a future that depended upon global expansion and reach, resulting in the addition of manufacturing centers of excellence on three continents - North America, Europe and Asia with plants in six countries (including U.S., U.K., Germany, China, and Southeast Asia) serving these markets. Establishing itself as a global supplier with relationships that support emerging packaging design concepts and technical advancements, Ampac has enhanced the global spectrum of flexible packaging. With roots back to the company's founding in 1966, Ampac has had inherent growth through company leadership that has developed Ampac as a global change agent and thought leader in flexible packaging.

Ampac's passion is to design and deliver services that grow customer brands through innovative, new packaging design and products. The new brand mark, with its fresh color and forward-moving shape, reflects both the innovative, proactive approach that Ampac takes when working with customers, as well as the reputation Ampac has with its customers and partners who have experienced Ampac's fresh approach to packaging. Ampac customers experience the company as a proactive, responsive, single-source business that acts as a partner to create long-term relationships and help build their business. President and CEO John Baumann said, “The new brand look and website for Ampac reflects more than just a change in design, it reflects the way we do business and interact with our customers. Our mission is build better business for our customers through proven solutions and innovative packaging. We are passionate about providing emerging designs and new ideas.”

Highlighting the new company branding, Ampac's new website has been designed to improve the availability of company and product information and enhance online ordering capabilities for pouches, bags and security packaging, making the site a convenient source available to all customers. The Ampac website also showcases new product innovations that highlight emerging packaging design and technical advancements.
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