Carton Service: Eco-Friendly Line of Cartons

Helping revolutionize the Packaging Industry, Carton Service is introducing a renewable line of packaging with their Cartons 4R Earth line.

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Providing an alternative to the many plastic packaging options companies and consumers rely on, Carton Service CSi, LLC is a foods, liquid, and medical packaging manufacturer offering a new line of renewable paper packaging for liquid, semi-solid or dry products called “Cartons 4R Earth”.

The “4R’s” represent Carton Service’s mission to help companies incorporate the ideas of “Reducing, Renewing, Recycling and Refilling” into their consumer packaging. Carton Service is encouraging customers whose products have historically been in plastic containers to consider using paperboard containers instead. Products like dry detergent, liquid soaps and shampoos, essential oils and bath salts all can be delivered in a gable top container – and the paperboard container can also be used as a refill container allowing the consumer to continuously re-use just one plastic dispensing container.

Additionally, non-standard styles and structures are being offered by Carton Service which give companies more unique sizes (eg the hard-to-find gallon size) and different shapes (eg a rectangular size) to consider.

With 63% of households able to recycle paper carton packaging, gable top containers are an excellent choice for replacing single-use plastic packaging for liquids, to dry snacks, and medications.

Requiring significantly less energy to produce and recycle, “green” paper cartons and boxes are a promising choice for businesses looking to ensure their products can compete in an increasingly sustainable product landscape.  

Today’s consumer not only wants a great product, they also want to feel good about purchasing it.  With paper board liquid packaging, manufacturers can offer consumers a more sustainable and eco-friendly choice that helps eliminate as much as 80% of waste from plastic bottles and caps.

When asked about their recent Cartons 4R Earth product line, President Reid Lederer said, “sustainable packaging solutions are at the core of what the Carton Service team has supported for nearly 100 years. Carton Service is excited to offer our new greener, more sustainable packaging choices that serve customers in a variety of industries.”  By using paper board liquid packaging, studies suggest that consumers could help eliminate as much as 80% of waste from plastic bottles and caps.

Carton Service’s Cartons 4R Earth line aims to make more sustainable packaging choices available to all. With a more recent influx in single-use plastic packaging for liquids and semi-solids, Carton Services CSi, LLC hopes to add promising paperboard packaging alternatives to the market.

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