Healthcare Counterfeiters Flourish During COVID-19

Healthcare Packaging's Keren Sookne makes her unPACKed with PMMI debut with PPE shortages, the potential for a vaccine and fake COVID-19 tests dominating the mainstream news.

One group who was more than prepared for the global scope of the COVID-19 Pandemic was the bad actors who deal in counterfeit healthcare and medical supplies, according to Healthcare Packaging's own Keren Sookne. As Director of Editorial Content, Sookne joined the unPACKed with PMMI podcast to lay out what is happening in the area and ways the industry is trying to combat yet another hurdle in what has been a very challenging 2020. Apropos of the times, the discussion features an in-depth look at the many ways COVID-19 has dominated the space with PPE shortages, testing, the potential for a vaccine, risks of counterfeiting and much more.

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