Inovio’s Zika Vaccine Gets Phase 1 Clinical Trial

After inducing “robust” antibody and T-cell responses in preclinical testing, GLS-5700 became the first Zika DNA vaccine approved by the FDA.

Mosquito transmit Zika virus. / Photo:
Mosquito transmit Zika virus. / Photo:

A July 27th article from Laboratory Equipment reported on Inovio Pharmaceuticals’ first dosing of a subject for the phase 1 clinical trial of their Zika vaccine. The trial will be conducted on 40 healthy adult volunteers in Miami, Philadelphia, and Quebec City. The vaccine, GLS-5700, is administered via CELLECTRA-3P, Inovio’s proprietary intradermal DNA delivery device.

Concerns around the Olympics in Rio, a hot zone for Zika, and the link to the birth defect microcephaly have attracted a swarm of researchers and pharma companies hoping to capitalize on the threat. Inovio’s GLS-5700 contains the Zika DNA material, but VBI Vaccines is developing a vaccine that instead uses eVLPs that resemble the virus structure to illicit the same immune response.

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