Pathology Company Funding at Risk

The industry is dismissing a report that suggests government should change its funding plan.

A leading health economist is calling for the Australian government to reform the way pathology is paid for there.

According to The Guardian, Stephen Duckett estimates the federal government there could save $175 million each year by making various funding changes.

The pathology industry has dismissed the report Duckett co-authored for the Grattan Institute titled, "Blood Money: Paying for Pathology Services," saying it is based on opinions and flawed data.

At the end of last year the Australian government decided to scrap bulk-billing incentives for pathology services it pays to health professionals, according to the article. The move will save $101 million a year.

The pathology industry responded to this cut by threatening to charge a $30 co-pay for common tests, such as pap smears.

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