Montreal is Testing Drones as Medical Delivery Vehicles

Emergency physicians in Montreal are testing unpiloted robotic aircrafts to deliver blood supplies and defibrillators.

Medical Drone / Image:
Medical Drone / Image:

The intersection of drones and the medical industry has been in the news a lot lately. We’ve recently covered a drone that delivered a kidney transplant to a patient, and a medical drone system that beat ambulances to the scene of an accident in Iraq. In the latest medical drone news, according to a Global News article, the city of Montreal is testing drones as medical delivery vehicles.

The research team behind the project is hoping to determine the feasibility of delivering medical supplies such as blood or defibrillators to places that are hard to reach for paramedics in case of emergency. In many cases, timing is everything. For instance, when the first defibrillator shock is administered within 5 minutes of cardiac arrest, the resuscitation rate is about 75%.

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