Medical Device Maker Tries Controversial Advertising

Some don't like the method, but this company thinks it makes perfect sense.

A Minnesota medical device company is stepping into some uncharted waters for their industry—advertising their product directly to consumers instead of just doctors.

The Star-Tribune is reporting that Torax Medical is using billboard advertising to promote their Linx device, which treats "acid reflux by using magnets to clamp down on the lower esophagus when drugs and natural bodily mechanisms can’t control stomach acid."

Todd Berg, Torax's Chief Executive told the news outlet that they want "patients to be more educated with their disease."

The goal of the colorful billboards, according to the Star-Tribune, is to get patients to visit the medical device's website where they can learn about the Linx and then ask their doctor about it.

Not everyone things the new advertising method is good.

The American Medical Association is against it, and voted at the end of last year that it should be banned.

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