Thermo Fisher Scientific: X-ray detection system

NextGuard detection solution designed to meet escalating global food and pharmaceutical safety standards.

Thermo NextGuard
Thermo NextGuard

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.’s easy-to-use X-ray detection platform is designed to meet the global demand for more thorough inspection for product contamination.

The platform, the Thermo Scientific NextGuard™ system, combines three key attributes—performance, simplicity-of-use, and price point—to make state-of-the-art X-ray product detection more affordable for food, pharmaceutical, and other applications. 

Based on Thermo Fisher testing, the NextGuard offers up to 50% better detection sensitivity than Thermo Fisher’s previous value-based X-ray system, the EZx. The system is designed to be reliable, easy-to-install, and compact (one meter long). It comes equipped with intuitive software.

NextGuard’s performance-oriented features also have been driven by a changing industry landscape. X-ray detection addresses a number of customer concerns, including evolving HACCP standards and requirements from some retailers for X-ray inspected product.

The NextGuard is packed with features often only found in higher-end systems to help expand the technology to a wider customer base. These include:

• Multiple contaminant detection algorithms to increase detection probability
• Ability to modify, test and change detection parameters on the fly
• QA check mode, automating operator audits, and record keeping
• Multiple available X-ray powers with low-cost extended warranties
• Wraparound detector intended to reduce “blind spots”
• Built-in Internet remote support hardware and software
• Easily removable conveyor facilitating quick cleaning and service
• Detector diagnostics warn when preventative maintenance is needed
• On-machine reject image storage for up to 90 days
• The series’ first model, the NextGuard C330, is designed for packaged product contaminant detection and complements the mid- and high-end Thermo Scientific Xpert and POWERx X-ray inspection systems currently operating in plants around the world. 

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