Ensure problem-free printing for pharmaceutical blister packs and pouches

Pharmaceutical companies want and need to focus on their core business. Inline printing of blister packs and pouches is a necessity that has been imposed upon them, and they seek problem-free printing solutions that can help enhance production and maximize profitability. Read about how to achieve this without roadblocks in this White Paper from Griffin-Rutgers.

The use of an inline UV printer to print pharmaceutical blister and pouch web stocks during the packaging process offers substantial improvement over many other printers in terms of increased production levels, reduced downtime, and minimal print rejects. A high quality, cost-effective printer created to satisfy the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry must focus on simplicity and reliability. (As with all machinery, the more complex a printer becomes, the greater is the likelihood that it won't work perfectly all the time.) A unit with true rotary flexographic printing can obtain high-quality prints on virtually all types of packaging substrates (web stock).

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