Thermal label printer

The recent rash of news about quality and identity issues involving a broad range of products imported from China has companies and consumers wondering. Counterfeit drugs and other products have recently been the subjects of one or another problem. China has been recognized by companies, the Food & Drug Administration, and other governments as a problematic source of counterfeit drugs for years. So what's the answer, are Chinese products and ingredients immediately suspect?

• 110XiIIIPlus is suited to help pharma firms meet the FDA's proposed rule for unit-of-use marking

• withstands harsh environments and also works in medical device labeling

• available in three print resolutions: 203 dpi—10 ips print speed and 4.09-in. print width; 300 dpi—8 ips print speed and 4.09-in. print width; 600 dpi—4 ips print speed and 3.2-in. print width

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