Life Sciences Logistics Playbook

Expert planning for a more robust supply chain.

With the COVID-19 pandemic shining a massive spotlight on temperature-sensitive supply chain logistics, the industry is more focused than ever on ensuring life science products remain safe.

Quality and risk management in transit offer great opportunities for increasing profitability and ensuring patient safety. Unfortunately, they've traditionally been an afterthought for healthcare manufacturers. But even as budgets are slashed, regulations continue to tighten; companies can't afford to ignore how they transport temperature-controlled products, from packout through the last mile. Written for veterans and new personnel alike, this e-book is full of easy-reading tips and best practices. It discusses mistakes industry experts frequently see, and the process steps you can take to avoid them.

Topics covered:

  • Sustainability in temperature-sensitive logistics, cold chain packaging, including green technologies and reuse practices
  • DSCSA and COVID-19
  • Temperature excursion management
  • Addressing SOP/process mistakes/dock mistakes: We provide examples of things that get overlooked and result in failures - 3 mistakes you find when you think you've "done everything right"
  • The new OQ standard for reusable shippers
  • Lane FAQs: characterization, monitoring, and qualification
  • Timing and qualification: Necessary prework, including lane characterization, and when to bring vendors into the equation
  • Demystifying thermal modeling: What questions you should ask of your vendor
  • Ambient profile selection: Learn to balance your packaging needs


  • Lane characterization tips
  • Vendor management secrets
  • Understanding 7E/Standard 20
  • Tips for successful risk management/HAZOPs
  • Types of returns to consider


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