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International rules on traceability, GMP, and the fight against falsified medicines demand coding systems that are reliable, accurate and capable of printing on a wide range of products, without compromising quality. Put your trust in the experts.

Coding/Labeling/E-pedigree Compliance

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For over 40 years now, Domino has been a leading global product identification and traceability specialist for the Pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

Our technology enables manufacturers to comply with the validation requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and emerging global legislative standards, such as the DSCSA and UDI, helping to secure the supply chain from Product to Pallet. As a result of this philosophy Domino has supported some of the worlds’ largest pharmaceutical manufacturers and original equipment integrators.

Domino’s printers are designed to print the highest quality alphanumeric and graphic codes including bar codes, 2D data matrix and QR codes onto a variety of diverse substrates.

Global traceability initiatives, such as DSCSA, are designed to hinder the production and distribution of life-threatening imitation or counterfeit pharmaceuticals and medical devices. These initiatives can require identification and authenticity features on primary, secondary and tertiary packaging levels typically in the form of unique, non- predictive, serialized and machine readable codes. This level of product identification aims to impair the ability of counterfeiters to successfully replicate pharmaceutical products and packaging.

Selecting valuable, trusted partners is a primary objec-tive for Life Sciences companies as they prepare for the challenges that will come with serialization. While the FDA announced a delay of enforcement in the penalties associated with DSCSA until November 27, 2018 the planning required for the should already be in the works. However, if you have not yet begun, rest assured that Domino, and trusted partners, can guide you in the right direction. Put your trust in the experts.

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