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We offer precision controlled heat sealing equipment engineered with advanced TOSS Technology. Designed for medical device, bio-tech and pharmaceutical markets, we produce validatable, repeatable seals for all types of medical pouches and related polymeric products.

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Packworld USA offers a complete line of precision controlled heat sealing equipment engineered with the advanced TOSS Technology – The Optimum Sealing System. Designed specifically for today’s medical device, bio-tech, and pharmaceutical markets, Packworld machines produce validatable, repeatable seals on all types of medical pouches and related polymeric products. To complement their line of straight bar heat sealers, Packworld also offers machines equipped with Vacuum & Purge and Seal & Cut capabilities for a variety of materials and pouch shapes.

Unlike conventional impulse heat sealers that attempt to use thermocouples to control the temperature of the heat seal band, all Packworld machines are equipped with the advanced TOSS Technology which relies on Variable Resistance Control (VRC) of the heating element itself. Similar to an RTD which measures temperature via a change in resistance, TOSS Technology VRC measures and controls the resistance of the heat seal band to deliver precise temperature control over the entire length and width of the heat seal band up to 500°C.

With TOSS technology, there is no need to worry about thermocouples that don’t stay in place, burned up thermocouples, or the inherent inconsistencies of thermocouple controls. With Packworld and TOSS, customers are assured of consistent, repeatable seals from one machine to another as well as from the first pouch to the last.

Since 2012 Packworld USA has continued to expand on its TOSS Touchscreen line of machines. The various series in the line now includes the PW3300, PW3400, PW4400, and PW5400. All of these new series provide graphical display of time/temperature/pressure, pass- word protection, recipe storage, and built –in multiple point temperature calibration.

Along with its full line of validatable pouch sealers, Packworld USA also specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom heat seal tooling for applications requiring contoured shaped heating elements.

We are so confident in the quality of our machines that Packworld USA’s entire line is backed with a 30 month warranty.

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