Unicep Packaging, Inc.

Spokane, WA 99224

Company Overview

Unicep is a trusted partner in manufacturing and packaging oral and topical liquid consumer health care products including over the counter (OTC) products across many markets

Manufacturing and packaging oral and topical liquid consumer health care products

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Other services:

Unicep offers a wide array of packaging options and services, including compounding/mixing, research and development, custom single-use packaging design, and secondary packaging and kits.

4122 S. Grove Road
Spokane, WA 99224

Who We Are
Unicep is a contract manufacturer that specializes in filling specialty liquids, gels and creams into innovative unit-dose packaging. With over 25 years of experience, Unicep has developed specialty dispensers for companies in a variety of markets. Our customers rely on us to deliver innovative packaging and superior service- and we do.

Unicep is more than a traditional contract manufacturer- we specialize in manufacturing your unique product and complementing it with our innovative single-use packaging components. 

Contract Manufacturing
• Custom mixing capabilities for liquid and gel products
• Pre-production runs as part of our New Product Introduction process and scale-up capabilities

Contract Filling & Packaging
• Filling for a variety of packaging options including:
      • Modified Blow-Fill-Seal
      • Standard blow-fill-seal
      • Single-use pouches/ sachets
      • SwabDose dispensers
      • Tubes
      • Syringes
• Secondary packaging solutions to fit your product

Package Design
• Custom created blow-fill-seal single-use units
• Design, prototype, and production engineering services

Custom Fill Solutions 
We solve our customer's complex packaging and filling problems. Our innovative approach allows us to provide high-quality packaging solutions to fit your needs.

Package Design Services  
Need a custom color, size or shape? We are experts in creating blow-fill-seal packaging that differentiates products. In addition to our variety of standard unit-dose containers, we offer customer design services on our Modified Blow-Fill-Seal units available at industry-leading speeds.  

Why Unicep  
We understand entrusting your product to a contract manufacturer is a serious decision. Unicep never forgets we are preparing a product on your behalf. We are committed to the quality of your product and the success of your brand.

Why we’re good at this:
• We take your specifications, then meet them using technology and critical thinking.
• We hold all products to the most rigorous quality standards.
• We embrace innovation.
• We have large scale capabilities, but are not too big to respond quickly.
• We treat your products like our products.

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