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The World's First Self-Diagnosing SENTIENT Labeler. Built-In to every PC HMI: Instant Parts Ordering, Live O.E.E. Reporting, Daily PM Schedules and Tutorial Videos, Hi-Res How-To Video Library, NitaCare Forever-Free Web and Video Tech Support. Always 100% SERVO Synchronized!

Fully Servo 100% Speed Synchronized Automatic Inline Pressure Sensitive Front & Back Labeling Systems

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1051 du Viger Street
Terrebonne, Quebec J6W 6B6

The new Nitaplatform is the world’s first sentient labeling machine!  The self-diagnosing system actually identifies and advises when parts need changing or servicing and allows you to order those parts directly from the machine via built-in 3D drawings that scale down to your specific required part.  In the powerful Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Software based PC control screen you also get daily, weekly and monthly Preventative Maintenance schedules and tutorials, an extensive problem-solving hi-res video library, an open-source SCADA platform that provides real time OEE and performance reporting and live video tech support both built right in your screen at the push of a button and from our revolutionary new NitaCare APP (at no charge!).  

Of course every Nita is famous for its unrivaled ease of operation, 100% ONLY Servo speed synchronization with the ability to make all adjustments on the fly, ultra-fast total replication changeover system and completely non-proprietary license-free software and electronics all available off-the-shelf and mounted on an incredibly rugged SumoFrame™.  Those are typically the reasons people buy their first Nita. Who we are as a company, the integrity level and commitment to excellence of our people and how we loyally support our clients ensuring that they are always running are the essential intangibles however that end up being the additional reasons as to why people stay with Nita! 

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