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AlpVision is the world’s leader in digital anti-counterfeiting technologies for product authentication and counterfeit protection. The technologies are applicable to a wide variety of items such as packaging and labelling, plastic and metal products.

Anti-counterfeiting solutions A regular smartphone equipped with AlpVision’s custom product authentication application can be used to verify the authenticity of a package or the product itself. They can be deployed seamlessly on large volume of products since they require no dedicated manufacturing processes or consumables.
AlpVision Cryptoglyph®Protects: printed products such as folding boxes, labels, leaflets or blister foilsCryptoglyph is a digital invisible marking that is applied to printed products such as cartons, labels, and blister packs using regular visible ink or varnish and standard printing processes (offset, rotogravure, flexography, laser, ink-jet, etc.).Click here:
AlpVision Fingerprint® Protects: plastic packaging and products such as flip off tops, bottles, caps or syringesAlpVision Fingerprint is a unique and breakthrough covert anti-counterfeit solution that tracks and authenticates mass produced objects manufactured by molding, casting, or minting. The solution applies to a wide variety of molded parts, including bottles and caps, electrical appliances, mechanical parts, imaging supplies, and most plastic molded products available on the market today.Click here:

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Years in business:21
Number of employees:15
Geographic sales distribution:Switzerland (Headquarters), China, USA

Our solutions are invisible, easily detectable with a smartphone application, easy to deploy worldwide and they maintain the manufacturing or prepress process.

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EUROPERue du clos 12, 1800 Vevey, Switzerland
Phone: +41 21 948 6464
CHINA168 Shenbin road,
Shanghai 201106, China
Phone: +86 21 2076 5516
USA10260 SW Greenburg Road,
Suite 400, Portland, USA
Phone: +1 503 402 6900

Rue du clos 12
Vevey 1800
Phone:+41 21 948 6464

AlpVision is the world’s leader in digital anti-counterfeiting technologies for product authentication and counterfeit protection. Founded in 2001 and profitable since 2003, AlpVision has grown into a reference in the field. AlpVision’s digital anti-counterfeiting solutions for product authentication are applicable to a wide variety of items, including packaging and labelling, plastic and metal products, and high-value documents. All solutions are invisible to the naked eye but can be instantly detected with a smartphone. The anti-counterfeiting solutions are commercialized worldwide under license agreements as entirely customizable turnkey computerized systems. Nowadays, these technologies protect more than 30 billion of products per year. All AlpVision’s solutions have been developed internally. They are covered by over 80 patents worldwide.

Starting in 2015, AlpVision extended its business activities by providing Artificial Intelligence based products to various fields. AlpVision has been using AI since early on and we felt that our expertise in this field is of great use for application outside the anti-counterfeiting activity. Today AlpVision provides AI based anti-counterfeit solutions in fields such as chemistry, pharmaceutical drug development, quality control, image analysis and understanding, etc.

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