Drugmaker Found at Fault for Deadly Drug Trial

The experimental drug was given during phase one of the trial.

French authorities found drugmaker Bial and laboratory Biotrail are at fault for a drug trial that left one person dead and five others hospitalized, Reuters reported.

The experimental drug was given at a private facility during phase one of a trial. It was created to treat coordination disorders, as well as anxiety and mood issues, according to the report.

The media outlet reported that French authorities found "that the company had not properly informed volunteers and had followed a flawed testing protocol."

"A final investigation report confirms that the conditions under which the test was approved did not breach existing legislation," said French Health Minister Marisol Touraine. "Inspectors consider, however, that Bial and Biotrial are responsible on several counts; regarding the dosage prescribed (...) and the time taken to alert authorities."

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