What skills will you need to succeed?

Survey respondents identify knowledge of validation and regulatory issues, as well as materials expertise, as critical.

In the next two to three years, what will be the most important skill(s) for a packaging professional in the healthcare market?

"Knowledge of machinery and materials and validation programs for both, as well as [an understanding of] how products are used, stored, and handled all over the world," remarked a respondent to last month's Healthcare Packaging survey.

"Business understanding and the ability to perceive the role of packaging within the big picture," offered another reader. The respondent added, "Promotions will go to those who have a broad range of experiences, not just skills. Don't tell me about how well you know sales if you've never actually sold."

Another respondent said the "job search will become necessary if the lead by Pfizer to cut staffing spreads across the industry. More business will be subcontracted to reduce costs, so the skills of working with subcontracting sources will become more valuable."

Further skills identified in the survey included understanding packaging materials, project management, and RFID and traceability issues. Read the complete article.

--By Jim Butschli, Editor
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