IMA Active: Component Washing System

Available in two models, 900 and 1200, the new VENUS is designed for flexibility in terms of machine configuration and washing cycles.

IMA Active has launched its new VENUS, an all-in-one solution to wash components and parts of different sizes and volumes in a completely automatic mode. VENUS achieves performance while minimizing water and detergent consumption:

  • The new VENUS features a rotating platform for baskets and racks, which guarantees optimal washing even for parts of complicated design.
  • As an option, a two-shelf basket allows the loading of a larger quantity of components. Machine parts are positioned directly on the basket: special customized supports can increase the number of parts to be washed in a single cycle, while optimizing water draining.
  • Nozzle ramps, directly connected to the cabin, provide a complete water coverage to all the components during basket rotation. As a result, washing time is significantly reduced.
  • Drying time is reduced as well: AirJetStream for faster drying of parts and higher throughput production by means of air recirculation enhances its effects thanks to the rotating platform.
  • The machine offers flexibility with special racks: the «Drum Washing Rack» accomodates drums up to 200 litres capacity, while the «Hose Washing Rack» accomodates hoses laid in a spiral path on dedicated supports.
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