New S.M.R.T. Pill Bottle Promotes Compliance

Amcor Rigid Plastics teams up with Confrérie Clinique to create the “electronic Pez dispenser” of drugs.

S.M.R.T. Bottle / Image: Packaging World
S.M.R.T. Bottle / Image: Packaging World

Packaging World published a piece on the new S.M.R.T. Bottle, an innovative pill dispensing solution that connects to any smartphone for tracking and monitoring. The system can be designed for any bottle and implemented in existing filling lines without changing the sealing the process. Amcor creates an injection mold designed specifically around the pill’s geometry to dispense pills one at a time.

Confrérie Clinique’s electronic component counts pills going in and out of the bottle, tracks bottle temperature, and connects to a smartphone app allowing doctors or caregivers to monitor medication compliance. The single-serve design makes dispensing drugs easier for seniors, and prevents children from accidentally ingesting lethal doses. S.M.R.T. bottle is currently undergoing field trials with top pharma companies and could be commercialized as early as 2017.

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