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New ‘Tamper Heat’ and ‘Tamper Freeze’ inks combat product tampering from using extreme heat or cold to alter packaging.

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Anyone who develops an idea to perfection from the ground up has the right to be proud. HERMA’s fame as an innovative specialist for self-adhesive technology stretches beyond European borders. Its chain of expertise is extensive: from the production of adhesive bonds to self-adhesive products and labeling solutions to labeling machines.

Following the relocation of its Labeling Machines business division from Deizisau to the new headquarters in Filderstadt near Stuttgart, Germany at the start of January 2019, HERMA labeling machines are now being produced in a completely new facility. Uniquely in the industry, the new site combines allows it to combine all its expertise in self-adhesive technology in one location: in adhesive material, labels and labeling machines. After a 13-month construction period and an investment of 20 million euros, the new facility has been optimized to ensure the best communication conditions, shortest cycle times and highest level of production excellence. The production facility for applicators and labeling machines that HERMA has now put into operations at its headquarters in Filderstadt is surely the most advanced in the world.

In 2018, sales in the Labeling Machines business division reached 58 million euros, with an export rate of 59%. The number of applicators delivered increased by more than 23 percent in comparison to the previous year. As of today, more than 30,000 HERMA 400 applicators have been sold on the market. It is the only such success story in the high-quality applicator sector worldwide and may even hold the absolute record for automatic applicators!

HERMA Labeling Machines is continuing this success with the new flagship HERMA 500, the successor to the best-selling worldwide applicator:

The new HERMA 500 is a “networker” with no equal: Web-ready and controllable via Ethernet, with high-level integration capabilities and outstanding performance parameters. It shows that HERMA is making rapid progress in its approach to the Smart Factory in the packaging and labeling sector. The HERMA 500 has intelligent features to meet the requirements for “Industry 4.0”, and the slogan for this completely new generation of applicators sums it up perfectly: “Leading Performance. Smartly Connected.”

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