Minneapolis, MN 55428

Company Overview

MOCON is the leader in high-quality permeation measurement systems, leak detectors, head space analyzers and QA/QC solutions for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). MOCON also offers consulting and testing solutions for virtually any type of testing that impacts shelf life.

Analytical tools & solutions to improve your package integrity and product shelf life.

Company Details
Years in business:50
Number of employees:250
Geographic sales distribution:Headquartered in USA, Offices and distributors world wide
Sales Channel:Direct, Distributors

1 year in house warranty

Service, support & spare parts:

Product technical support and spare parts world wide. Contract Testing services in 9 countries

Other services:

In addition to providing instruments, MOCON offers consulting and testing services.

7500 Mendelssohn Ave. N
Minneapolis, MN 55428
United States

MOCON provides the most comprehensive testing and analytical offering in the packaging industry. MOCON’s analytical instruments work with a variety of structures and products to determine shelf life, the permeation rate of gases, on-line non-destructive leak detection, QA/QC for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), gas mixing and MAP gas use reduction instrumentation. MOCON's GreenLight stems provide rapid bacterial counts. MOCON continues to offer consulting and analytical services for those wishing to conduct off-site testing.Going beyond existing services of barrier analysis, head space, leak detection, and seal strength, MOCON's consulting and testing services, offers a single entry point for virtually any type of testing which can impact shelf life and package design. It’s a first-of-its-kind, one-stop approach for the analysis of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, electronics and related packaging from raw material through transportation to shelf life. MOCON’s instruments, contract testing and consulting services offer a complete “Barrier to Shelf Life” approach to package integrity and design: • Barrier analysis • Head space gas analysis • Leak detection • Shelf life data • Transportation studies • MAP gas mixers • MAP gas cost reduction instruments MOCON is continually introducing new products and technologies. The company’s goal is to provide instruments designed to save you costs, reduce testing time and provide accurate, repeatable data. MOCON now has certified labs in the USA, Canada, India, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Poland and China

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