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Supplier News October 9, 2012

MWV Healthcare to discuss regulations and innovations in child resistant packaging during CPhI Worldwide/ICSE/P-MEC Europe/InnoPack

MeadWestvaco Corporation (NYSE: MWV), a global leader in packaging and packaging solutions, will present at the 23rd CPhI Worldwide/ICSE/P-MEC Europe/InnoPack meeting in Madrid on Wednesday, October 10 from 12:30pm-12:55pm.

The presentation, entitled “Child Resistant Solutions in Dispensing and Packaging Systems,” will be held as part of the InnoPack Speaker's Corner Sessions and will be led by Joe Keenan, director, Business Development for MWV's Healthcare Division.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), medicinal drugs are the leading cause of non-fatal poisoning in children in middle-income and high-income countries.1 Child-resistant (CR) packaging is used to minimize the risk of children accessing or ingesting medication and is one of the best-documented successes in preventing the unintentional poisoning of children; however, it is not mandatory in all countries.2 In his presentation, Keenan will discuss the importance of CR packaging for pharmaceuticals across the globe, reviewing the impact of upcoming regulations in the United States for certain pharmaceuticals and the actions many countries are taking to establish and strengthen laws that limit the access of medication by children.

Keenan will also share how MWV's expertise in packaging solutions across consumer markets facilitates the development of innovative CR solutions for medication dispensing systems. These insights stem from MWV's Center for Packaging Innovation. The process is enriched by patient preference testing and MWV's close partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and CR testing laboratories, allowing MWV to create medication packaging solutions that meet both customer and patient needs. The solutions for both primary and secondary packaging are both child resistant and senior friendly and rigorous standards are applied before products are commercialized.

Keenan has over twenty years of experience in R&D and project management and has been awarded six U.S. patents and brought over forty medical devices to market. He holds a Masters in Biomedical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from Babson College.

At CPhI Worldwide/ICSE/P-MEC Europe/InnoPack, MWV will also be competing for the CPhI Best Sustainable Pharmaceutical Packaging award for its adherence packaging solution Shellpak® Renew. As one of six finalists, Tom Grinnan, Senior Director, Adjacent Markets for MWV Healthcare, will present Shellpak Renew to a judging panel on October 9. The sustainability award winner will be announced at an Awards Ceremony at the show.



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