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Sponsors: July 13, 2011 | Edited by Jim Butschli

Quality custom medical device packaging

Plastic Ingenuity

Summer is here - check out Cryopak's line of refigerants!

Cryopak has a full line of refrigerants to help with efficient temperature control for your temperature sensitive products! Cryopak also offers a large range of pre-qualified shipping containers, including pallet shippers and CRT containers. Click on the video above for a demonstration on our flexible ice blankets!

TCP Group

Slashing C02 permeation testing times for plastic bottles

A new white paper from MOCON describes an effective, non-destructive way of determining, in just hours after a bottle has been conditioned, the amount of CO2 permeating out of a bottle and the expected shelf-life of its contents.


Pharmaceutical glass vial accumulation converts mass-flow to single file

Video shows Garvey's pharmaceutical vial accumulator/single-file conveyor system convert from mass flow to single-file vials. Tray load infeeds shown.


Fingerprint your brand through advanced track and trace technology

Track and trace is crucial today and is becoming a legal requirement in many industries -- especially pharmaceuticals. This Videojet video provides an overview of track and trace issues and describes the company's state-of-the-art IMprints solution.

Videojet Technologies, Inc.


Informatics, integration can help packaging counter pharmaceutical counterfeiting

Information technology could serve as another tool to help protect the pharmaceutical supply chain, according to Scott A. Morris, director of the packaging program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This article suggests that technology tools such as Informatics and Integration could help companies see the "bigger picture" when it comes to the pharmaceutical chain, rather than looking at it as a complex and costly burden.

Tags: Anti-counterfeiting; Distribution; mPedigree; Sproxil; Integrated future

Global pharmaceutical packaging demand predicted to reach $62 billion by 2015

Report says the U.S. will remain the largest consumer of pharmaceutical packaging as its advanced drug-producing sector introduces sophisticated therapies with specialized packaging needs. Western Europe, the U.S., and Japan will account for more than 70% of pharmaceutical packaging demand that will drive a 5.5% annual expansion to $62 billion by 2015. That's the forecast from World Pharmaceutical Packaging, a new study from The Freedonia Group. China, says Freedonia, will provide faster growth opportunities based on rapidly expanding pharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities and the phasing-in of an extensive government program designed to upgrade the quality and integrity of nationally produced medicines. India and Brazil will also evolve into fast-growing pharmaceutical packaging markets as drug-producing sectors are upgraded and diversified.

Tags: Freedonia; Closures; Vials; Bottles; Unit dose; Track and trace

Seeking a sustainable pharmaceutical revenue stream?

Patent expirations and challenges in medicine innovation and approvals make sustainable business initiatives a potential source for economic benefits. A June 27 press release from OgilvyEarth and Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide noted: "In the healthcare industry, the R&D lab is the traditional engine of innovation, yet the report 'Healthcare Marketing in the Age of Sustainability' offers an overview of the relationship between healthcare and sustainability today, as well as insight on the future direction of these efforts. In a year when 10 drugs contributing to $50 billion in sales will face patent expiration, the report offers a perspective on potential new avenues of innovation."

Tags: Patent expirations; Sustainability

Copying brand name labeling protects generic drug manufacturers

The pharmaceutical industry won a double-header of sorts in the U.S. Supreme Court on June 23. By a 5-to-4 judgment, the court "ruled that makers of generic drugs cannot be sued for failing to warn consumers of the possible side effects of their products if they copy the exact warnings on the brand-name equivalents of the medicines," according to an Associated Press story reported by ABC News.

Tags: Labeling; Generic drugs

Russian toothpaste carton goes 'green'

Sustainability seems to be taking hold in areas one might not equate with environmental concern. Take Bionica toothpaste, for example. It is marketed as "Bionica: a green land," by R.O.C.S. (Remineralizing Oral Care Systems, and manufactured by DRC (Distribution Retail Co.) Group, Russia. The company sells various oral care products, including toothpastes, toothbrushes, mouthwashes, and mouth sprays, developed by WDS Laboratory.

Tags: Cartons; Sustainability; Design

Video: Nutrilite's packaging line

In this video of Nutrilite's solid-dose bottling line in Buena Park, CA, watch bottles as they are conveyed single-file from upstream filling through checkweighing, metal detection, and induction-sealing stations. Afterwards, bottles convey through a feedscrew and starwheel into a customized rotary labeling system where four- or five-panel labels are applied at various stations. As labeled bottles exit the labeler through a discharge starwheel, they go through a photo inspection system that checks for label placement and accuracy. The labeler delivered a 38% improvement in uptime compared to the unit it replaced, and helped Nutrilite's K-Line Express team to earn the company's Continuous Improvement Team of the year in 2010.

NEW Products


Cooler system family

A family of prequalified cooler systems is available that can hold 2°C to 8°C temperatures for 48 to 96 hours ISTA 7D using expanded polystyrene foam and standard refrigerant. Offered in mini, small, medium, and larger system sizes. Patented cooling method uses free-convection to indirectly and uniformly cool all of the surfaces of the preconfigured box to cool the payload evenly.

ConvectaCool, L.L.C.


Rotary ring stretch wrapper

Octopus 505 AL is compact, yet allows for stretch wrapping of larger loads, handling up to 100 loads/hr. Adjustable legs allow easy change of wrap height. Simple design uses belt lifts and quick-disconnect components. Permits up to 25% savings in film usage over some wrappers.

ITW Muller

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