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Healthcare PackagingPharmaceutical, medical device, and nutraceutical news    Editor-in-Chief, Jim Butschli
Sponsor May 24, 2011 | Edited by Jim Butschli

Watch logistics in action for healthcare

UPS delivers life saving medicines and devices with precision, speed, flexibility and in full compliance. Go inside one of UPS’s dedicated healthcare distribution centers to see the new logistics in action.


How UPS keeps critical shipments cool

Healthcare requires special care—the new logistics. UPS product manager Mark Davis explains how UPS cold chain transportation delivers temperature-sensitive healthcare shipments safely and reliably.


UPS 2010 pain in the chain

What are the primary business and logistical challenges facing the healthcare industry? How can companies overcome them? UPS posed these and other questions to 150 of today’s top healthcare supply chain executives. Find out what they discovered.


How UPS delivers more medication with less pain

The storing and transporting of critical, temperature-sensitive medications requires special care—like the kind the new logistics can deliver. Learn how UPS and Endo Pharmaceuticals partner to deliver more medication without all the headaches.



Do traditional FDA 'silos' discourage combination product development?

Healthcare Packaging legal columnist Eric F. Greenberg talks with Michael Drues, PhD, about the promise and the roadblocks to developing combination products. Drues, who has worked on combination products for about 20 years, will discuss "New Developments in Combination Products and Working with the FDA" at the May 26 Healthcare Packaging Conference and Workshop 2011 in Princeton, NJ. Drues advocates amending laws and regulations to tailor a pathway for such products, rather than trying to force them into old categories. Whatever regulatory path is taken, the packaging challenges will be considerable.

Tags: Healthcare Packaging Conference and Workshop 2011; Michael Drues; Combination products; FDA; Regulatory

Pharmaceutical packaging's role rockets into outer space

A recently published article indicates that as the duration of NASA shuttle missions lengthens, pharmaceutical packaging will gain importance in astronaut safety and health. "The use of pharmaceuticals during space shuttle missions is common with crews taking more than 500 individual doses of 31 different medications during the first 33 flights." That's according to a research article, "Evaluation of Physical and Chemical Changes in Pharmaceuticals Flown on Space Missions," co-authored by Brian Du, Vernie R. Daniels, Zalman Vaksman, Jason L. Boyd, Camille Crady, and Lakshmi Putcha. Factors such as radiation, excessive vibration, microgravity, and a carbon dioxide-rich environment can all influence stability of pharmaceutical products in space.

Tags: Package testing; Distribution; Bottles; Research article

AmeriStar competition awards two medical device packages

Medtronic Cardiovascular's Resolute single pouch packaging and the ConforMIS Drill and Pin Kit wallet pack were the two Medical Device category winners honored May 10 at the IoPP Honors & Awards Dinner hosted by the Institute of Packaging Professionals. The customizable wallet pack that replaces a thermoformed tray and a drug-eluting stent pouch were among 25 packaging winners in multiple categories.

Tags: IoPP; Beacon Converters; Medical device; Wallet packs; Pouch

Patented label system earns award for AccuDial

Children's AccuDial®, a product line of Palm Beach Gardens, FL-based AccuDial Pharmaceutical, Inc., is a 2011 Edison Awards winner. Children's AccuDial won gold in the Consumer Packaged Goods category, one of 12 categories honored by the Edison Awards. Children's AccuDial features a two-part, patented label system. As the consumer rotates the top label to display the child's weight, dosing information is revealed from the inner label. A caregiver then pours the liquid into the calibrated dosing device (included in the medicine package) to the exact measurement, and the child receives the correct dose of medication.

Tags: Dosing; AccuDial; Labels

America on track to spend 100% of its GDP on health care by 2065?

Theoretically, that could be the case, according to an Economist article, which says we currently spend 16% of the country's GDP on health care. The article, "Patient, heal thyself," provides a perspective from Sir John Oldham, a British doctor cited as the clinical lead for productivity in the national health service. Oldham suggests getting patients to help manage their illnesses offers promise, as would an incentive scheme for workers to lead healthier lives.

Tags: Economist article; Patient compliance

Video: Interphex: Infinity Rx Vial Accumulator

From Garvey, discharges vials 200-600 per minute, single file or into multiple lanes.

NEW Products


HDPE gel packs in reusable trays

Started at the company’s Montreal, Canada location, gel packs in reusable plastic trays is an initiative aimed at reducing the amount of corrugated to virtually zero, at permitting faster freezing of the hard packs to save pallet positions in the freezer, and reducing energy costs.



Modular-designed pouch machines

New BMS series include the 5.5 Triplex with new controls and servo-driven technology for producing flat zipper pouches with a 185-mm width at 150 ppm; 1.4 concept machine produces flat pouches in bandoleer strings at 70/min; 2600 L STU 2 CV produces small, narrow “snack-size” pouches with spouts, and larger pouches, with its new design applying the spout at a 35-deg angle for better filling; enhanced design B 1400 makes pouches up to 140-mm W x 230-mm H at 100 ppm.

Bossar USA

Upcoming events:

Healthcare Packaging Conference & Workshops
Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village, Princeton, NJ. Healthcare Packaging Conference & Workshops, produced by Healthcare Packaging magazine, will feature operational and package design strategies for pharmaceutical and medical device packagers, May 26.

EXPO PACK México 2011
Centro Banamex, Mexico City, Mexico. EXPO PACK México features packaging and processing solutions for Latin America, with over 900 exhibitors from 20 countries, June 21-24.

HBA Global Expo
Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York, NY. HBA Global Expo provides personal care and beauty manufacturers with new ingredients, solutions, supplier resources and world-class education to bring new products to market, June 28-30.

PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2011
Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV. North America's largest packaging and processing event includes a Pharmaceutical Pavilion, Processing Zone, Brand Zone, Confectionery Pavilion and more, September 26-28.

Healthcare Packaging Conference


Making your brand stand - out - Wallace Church shares lessons learned from Pfizer and Wyeth

Do you package pharmaceuticals? Hear brand identity consultant Wallace Church share visual position strategies used by market-leading brands. The 2011 Healthcare Packaging Conference & Workshops offers an education on package design, compliance, validation, regulatory issues, combination products, and much more, this Thursday in Princeton, NJ.

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Rigid Playbook


Rigid container project in the works?

New! Download this free, 50-page Rigid Container Design Playbook jam-packed with strategies for success, best practices, and pitfalls to avoid. Whether your job involves package design or package development, download this playbook now.

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