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Temperature monitoring just got easier
About the size of a sugar packet, PakSense XpressPDF Labels feature a USB plug which can be connected directly to a computer. Eliminating readers and software, it automatically generates a PDF file containing temperature statistics and graphs. PakSense XpressPDF Labels – welcome to Cold Chain Simplicity!
XpressPDF Label automatically generates PDF data file
Flat, waterproof label eliminates readers and software
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WS Packaging Group Inc.
Packaging drives Naturopathica® Holistic Health re-branding effort
Naturopathica® executes a new packaging strategy with digital and litho printing, and extended-text labeling. The re-branding effort for the ECOCERT-certified beauty products line is built on strong graphics cues and includes bilingual copy.
Videojet Technologies Inc.
Fingerprint your brand through advanced track and trace technology
Track and trace is crucial today and is becoming a legal requirement in many industries -- especially pharmaceuticals. This Videojet video provides an overview of track and trace issues and describes the company's state-of-the-art IMprints solution.
Tablet/capsule counter for nutraceuticals incorporating container unscrambler
Video from PharmaPack-US shows a complete tablet/capsule packaging line from container and cap unscrambling through filling, capping, and labeling.
Fres-co System USA
Food, beverage, and pharma liquid aseptic f/f/s machine with closure applicator
Video from Fres-Co shows FDA-validatable FSU1000 form/fill/seal machine for liquid food, beverage and pharma applications. Video shows automated fitment applicator for applying closures. Includes demonstration of clean-in-place/sterilize-in-place capabilities.
PDC Intl. space
Steam tunnel system
Feature Image 1 KST 80A-712 with steam venting package is a tunnel system with stainless dual-wall construction that's compatible with a range of containers, including those that are difficult to shrink consistently or required a second tunnel to shrink label to container.
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space Pearson Packaging Systems
Automated case packer
DTL-240 packs a range of flat, bagged products into RSC/HSC cases or trays at speeds up to 240 products/min, using drop-packing technology. Equipment works in applications including custom products, personal care and foods. Feature Image 2
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Aptar Pharma space
Drug delivery device
Feature Image 3 The DF30Plus metering valve technology platform offers better compatibility across a range of drug formulations, including ethanol-containing formulations. Designed to be cost-effective, providing accurate, consistent performance, and excellent pressure-filling capability.
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space Alpha Packaging
Expanded line of indented large PET rounds
Ideal for bulk quantities of protein powders and nutritional supplements, the 3785cc (1 gal) and 6250cc packers represent new sizes. Manufactured using a single-stage blow-molding process, containers are available in multiple colors, piece orders, and are available for samples. Feature Image 4
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Rexam Healthcare space
Pump for preserved and unpreserved formulations
Feature Image 3 The Advancia™ pump combines user independence and preservative free properties in one single system. Easy-to-customize for nasal, auricular, buccal, and topical applications. The airless pump is available for preservative free formulations or an atmospheric pump is available for preserved medications. Available in 50 micro liters, 100 micro liters, and 140 micro liters with dose tuning capability from 50 micro liters to 140 micro liters.
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space LSI Labeling Systems
Automatic vial labeling system
Model 4570 integrated, automatic labeling system wraps labels onto vials. Filled and capped vials exit a filler/capper standing vertically. A short discharge chute delivers the vials back-to-back to the labeling system. The vials transfer straight into the infeed chute of the labeling system. A consistent backlog "forces" the vials into the individual roller pockets of an indexing starwheel on the labeler. A high/low sensor controls the application feed based on the amount of product backlog; the backlog must be sufficient so as to push the product into the pocket. Feature Image 4
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Ahold, Publix and Kroger professionals to present April 3-5 in Houston

Harriet Hentges, executive with international retailing group Ahold, will be presenting at Sustainable Packaging Symposium 2012. This year's theme "Advancing Sustainable Supply Chains with Optimized Packaging" brings together leading retailers, brand owners, packaging professionals and solution providers. Register now and save $100. SPS 2012 is April 3-5 in Houston, TX.
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