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Sponsors February 8, 2011 | Edited by Jim Butschli

New sanitary dry-filling technology engineered to enhance product safety

Learn about a new auger filler technology specifically for pharma and nutraceutical applications designed to protect product against bacteria, metal and other foreign contaminants, meeting demanding regulatory requirements.

Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery

MGS provides compliance packaging automation solutions

MGS has developed many standard solutions for pharmaceutical firms to aid in the automation of their compliance packaging formats. Talk to us during your package design process, and we will provide critical feedback to assure your packaging format will be successfully automated.

MGS Machine Corp.

Healthcare requires special care—
the new logistics

UPS product manager Mark Davis explains how UPS cold chain transportation delivers temperature-sensitive healthcare shipments safely and reliably.


Medical device bagger designed specifically for validation

Watch this video of a medical device bagger from Advanced Poly designed specifically for validation of seal and dwell time, including temperature and pressure. Designed specifically to lower the cost of medical device packaging.

Advanced Poly Packaging

Video shows tray-packer for high-speed blister and carton lines

Video shows Z Automation tray packer for high-speed blister line, including blister stacking/collating mechanism. Video also shows machine that can pack 6- and 12-count tray packs of cartons, also at high speeds.

Z Automation


How to make 510(k)s more okay

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced in mid-January that it was going to embark on a large, multifaceted set of steps aimed at improving the 510(k) process for clearing new medical devices for marketing. The agency's new plan contains 25 actions for 2011. A public meeting in April aims to acquire additional feedback on some recommendations, so stay tuned for further developments.

Band sealer expands lifeline for Haitian children

Nonprofit Meds & Food for Kids in Haiti installs new packaging equipment that doubles its output of Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food for the country's starving children. A World Packaging Organization and International Packaging Press Organization reports, "The global packaging industry can contribute greatly to increased prosperity and sustainability to the world by ensuring that larger amounts of food reach more consumers, preserved in such a way that results in better quality and smaller losses..."

Larger type, simplicity sought for labels

Pharmacy labels with larger font sizes that emphasize patient name, drug name and strength, and dosage instructions are key recommendations listed in a report in the American Medical News. The use of simpler, more concise language, with specific instructions, is also encouraged to help patients better read and understand labels on medical containers.

Setting priorities for growth in 2011

A report on Tompkins Associates' "Top 11 Priorities for 2011 for Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, and Medical Products," reveals that protecting your products from tampering, theft, and counterfeiting are among the key issues. So are patent expiration and generics, regulatory, e-Pedigree, and lean/efficiency...

Simplified packaging dresses up wound care products

ConvaTec, a Skillman, NJ-based developer and marketer of medical technologies for community and hospital care, recently introduced packaging changes for several of its wound-care products that are designed to help healthcare professionals identify the correct products to use quickly, and then open and apply them with ease and speed. The redesigned packaging also incorporates lighter-weight materials and more recycled components...

OFF THE SHELF: Patient-compliant packaging

Jim Butschli takes a look at a packaging solution from Anderson Packaging that helps patients comply with their drug regimen.

NEW Products


Next-generation Needle Trap

    Needle-Trap is a label integrated safety device designed to help prevent accidental needlestick injuries.The award-winning system can be adapted to all conventional syringes and uses standard secondary packaging, providing cost advantages.

Schreiner MediPharm


Large-character ink-jet printers

    Enhanced 2300 Series printers include automatic printhead micropurge that function during operation, preventing downtime and maintaining high-quality printing, even in dusty environments. Printers recycle and reuse ink during printhead micropurging; print text, logos, and GS1-compliant bar codes up to 2.7 inches to meet various case coding needs.

Videojet Technologies Inc.

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Sustainable Packaging Symposium
Hyatt Regency Chicago, IL. Sustainable Packaging Symposium, produced by Greener Package and the Institute for Sustainability, will examine the pivotal role of packaging in implementing sustainability across businesses' supply chains, from March 16-18.

Consumer Insight Webcast


The Value of Specification Management

Register now to attend this one-hour webinar and learn the cost/benefit tradeoff of implementing an efficient specification management process and system. Produced in cooperation with Packaging World by PTIS and Specifi. Presenters are PTIS's Phil McKiernan (photo) and Ross Mast of the Sarbrook Co.

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